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ECMA Day 2

Today was a great day! My day started off meeting up with Paul Milner, a producer from PEI. We were originally scheduled to talk about doing a Christmas recording, but I have put that plan on the back burner for right now. We actually ended up talking about some of my plans for teaching, and it turned out to be a great meeting. I had thought about cancelling the meeting once I had decided not to record again this year, but thought that it could be worth meeting him anyway even if it did not lead to anything right away.

Most of the rest of my day was spent with Symphony NB. We have teamed up with NBYO to be the back up orchestra for a concert at ECMA. We will be performing tomorrow night with Matt Andersen, Samantha Robichaud, Chris Colepaugh, and David Myles. We haven’t rehearsed with the soloists yet and will be doing that tomorrow. The rehearsals went fine, except that we are playing new arrangements and each time we would rehearse a piece someone else would realize that they didn’t have the music… By tomorrow night everything will be straightened out though!

I also tried to take in a couple of bands. I went to hear “Ten Strings and a Goat Skin” at radio ECMA. Sadly there were technical difficulties, so they band did not get to play live, which is of course what I wanted to hear. This is a group of three high school kids who play mostly trad but also some original music. I also went to hear Sprag Session. I met these guys last year at the EMCAs. At that point they were going under the name of the Colin Grant Band. It was nice to see the guys again, and also very nice to hear them. The final performer I heard today was Chris Colepaugh. He was playing right before Sprag Session. I had never actually heard him before.

All in all, a good day. Tomorrow will be a big day with rehearsals for Symphony NB and my showcase at 7pm. Looking forward to it!

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