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Getting Back on Track – Food, Exercise, Music

Fruits and vegetablesI hope that you all enjoyed your summer.  I perhaps enjoyed mine a little too much!  I relaxed a bit and enjoyed some time off from my usual routine.  I ate whatever I wanted, did not do any of my exercises, and did not practice my technique on the fiddle/violin.  By the end of the summer I could start to feel all of this.  So, now we are into the fall, and I am getting back into a routine.

As those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know, I started a weight-loss/health kick journey back in 2010.  It seems like I go in two-year cycles, with the first year being really good, and then the second year being not so good.  As I mentioned, I enjoyed my food this past summer.  I ate lots of lovely food, did no exercising, and over the course of the summer managed to put on a few pounds.  I am not currently where I was at the beginning of the year for sure!  Part of my struggle is that when I am at home with no regular schedule, I seem to migrate towards the kitchen a little more often that I should!  The good news is that my clothes all still fit, although I can notice that they are tighter.

I have always enjoyed the fall, not only because of the change in the weather, but also because it is almost like a second new year.  To me, this is a second chance to start all over again!  I am revisiting my goals from the beginning of the year, taking stock of where I am, and moving on.  With that in mind, here is what I had said I wanted to do back in January:

Goat #1:  Improve my health (does this sound familiar?)

Ok, so far, not doing so well!  However, in the past week, since school has started, I have returned to eating better (and less), started exercising regularly (just a 5-10 minute session each morning) and have started walking 30 minutes to an hour a day.  Even though I have only been back at it for a couple of weeks, I already notice a difference in how I feel.

Goal #2:  Work on getting some of my music placed in movies/TV

This has been completely ignored so far this year, and may get pushed back to next year.  It was supposed to be a summer project, but summer ended up being for relaxing instead.

Goal #3:  Publish a fiddle tune book

I have entered more of my fiddle tunes into finale.  I will be producing a book of tunes to accompany my Christmas CD, which takes us to goal 4…

Goal #4:  Record CD number 4

I recorded the fiddle tracks in the summer and have now heard the bass tracks for a couple of the pieces.  So far it sounds great, and we are on track to release in November/December 2013.

Goal #5:  RCM Grade 6 cello exam

In the end, I decided not to do this.  I started to prepare for it, but couldn’t really justify spending the money to do the exam.  I may do this in the future.  I have however, over the last two weeks, been practicing the cello regularly.

Goal #6:  Read two books a month

I am off and on again with this goal.  There are months during which I have read several books, and months where I have read none.  If we average it out, I think that I am pretty close to reaching my goal.

All in all, I am pretty please with the way life is going.  I think it is important to take some time off during the summer to relax and really don’t feel guilty that I did not accomplish more.  Now that I am back into a schedule of teaching I have been practicing more, eating better, exercising, and cleaning the house regularly…  Life is pretty good!

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