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Learning the Virtue of Patience

pocket-watches-436567_1280It is so hard to be patient! I see this so many times in my students, interestingly especially in my adults. It is very hard to practice and not see progress. All of us want results right away! I have to admit that I am struggling with a lack of patience myself at the moment.

I am currently struggling with patience in my health and weight loss goals. I gained 14 pounds this year. Not a huge amount, but a lot over the course of 8 months. I am now back into trying to eat more healthful foods. I have been doing well at walking and going to Pilates, so I feel like my physical activity level is good.

So, I have been getting back into eating my salads in a jar, I have been packing all my food so I won’t eat out while I am in town, and I am trying to cut out eating late at night. I feel good about all of these changes, and have managed to lose 6 pounds since I started these efforts.

This is where the patience comes in. Now that I am trying to be a good girl and eat healthful foods, I want to lose all the weight right away. Sadly, it does not work that way. As they (whoever they may be) say, you don’t gain weight overnight, so you should not expect to lose it overnight either.


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