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Letting Fear Get in the Way

No fearI took an online course back in 2012 all about the business of music.  One of the many things that my teacher taught me is that sometimes you have to take a leap.  I am sure she had a much more eloquent quote for this, but basically, you can’t change the direction on a ship that is sitting still.  Only when it is moving can you make adjustments.  Sometimes you need to take the leap and then make correction as you go.  I tend to be secretive about my projects, and like to unveil them to the world once they are ready to go.  I like to fail in private when I must indeed fail.

I have wanted to start an online fiddle class for a while.  I have taken a few classes online to try them out, and have been searching out different ways to host it.  I talked to my then website designer to see about having them design a portal for me, and have looked into many different third party sites.  It has all been quite overwhelming.  I realized that I wanted to teach online in 2013.

I have since then set several launch dates for classes, all of them being either cancelled or moved later for any number of reasons…  Not having made the decision of which site to use, not having material ready, not feeling quite ready…  I, as many of us are, am good at coming up with excuses to keep the status quo.

So, in my effort to not be paralyzed by the need for perfection, I have launched my first online fiddle class.  I am excited to have it up and running, and look forward to all of the things that are going to go wrong.  I know that I will have forgotten something here or there, but now that I am moving forward with the plan, I can correct it and improve it so that in the future I will have a better online course available.  I look forward to the process of making mistakes and improving.

I will let you know how my effort to not let fear get in the way is going!

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