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Motivation to be Motivated

You know the saying “Something Done, Ask a Busy Person To Do It”?  Well, that quote describes me so well!  When I am busy and have lots on the go I am very focused, organized, and able to get a lot done!  If you want to read my tips on how to get a lot done, check out my December blog at

The last couple of weeks in March I did not have as much to do as the first couple of weeks.  Having this down time after a big project is always hard for me!  I usually go through a period of not wanting to do anything and then have trouble being motivated to do even just my regular maintenance tasks.hands holding hot cup of coffee or tea in morning sunlight

So, what do I do during these times?  Often I actually look through my regular maintenance tasks to figure out what I absolutely have to do.  These things are non negotiable.  I will drop some of the other tasks that are not essential.  I try to be kind to myself and allow myself to not be scheduled every second of the day.

Right now I am coming out of one of those slumps.  St Patrick’s week is always busy for me, and I added on a couple of extra big projects during that same time.  It has taken me about two weeks to feel like I am back into the swing of things and to feel enthusiastic about accomplishing tasks again.

I love lists, and I love checking things off!  I have a weekly meeting with myself where I plan out my week and what tasks I have to do every day.  These past two weeks, most of my days have been blank, but now the pages of my notebook are being filled up again!

My advice for you?  If you have a lot that needs to get done, check out my blog If you don’t feel enthused, it could be a sign that you need a little time off – so look at your list, figure out what is essential, get that done, and be kind to yourself!

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