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My New Obsession – Pilates

pilates groupAs is the case for oh so many people, one of my ongoing goals is to improve my health. I have never been one to go to the gym to work out, and generally really enjoy watching movies and knitting. I do like to walk, and I love to canoe, but as you can see, nothing too strenuous!

My teaching studio is in the Charlotte St. Arts Centre, and on the main floor, just as you walk in, there used to be a Pilates studio, Precision Pilates, to be precise. I would walk by, look in, and think that I should give it a try. I signed up for my first class in the fall of 2013. That period of my life was quite tumultuous with several deaths and hospitalization of family and friends, so I ended up taking some time off. I got back into Pilates again in June of 2014, and have been going ever since.

The Pilates studio has since moved to the Hart Shoe Factory building in downtown Fredericton, but I continue to go. I enjoy Pilates because it is a challenge. I remember in my first class that the teacher told me that it would not get easier as time goes on. She was right. It is not easier now, if anything it is harder, but I do feel like I have accomplished something. I understand better how my body is supposed to move and I feel like I am doing the exercises properly.

I do notice a difference in my body. I feel that my posture is better, and I have been striving toward having good posture while playing the violin as well. I feel stronger in my core and have better balance. I am also much more flexible than when I started.

All in all, taking these classes has been a great experience, and I am sure I will continue for a long time!

photo credit: Lezione di Pilates via photopin (license)

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