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News from the “Storm Queen” Project

Things have been moving along with the Storm Queen Project, and I am delighted!  

The biggest news is that I have signed on with a publisher!  He will be trying to get my music placed in TV, movies, and anywhere else that may be a fit.  I was very nervous about relinquishing control of my music and having someone else work with me to get placements.  My current mentor encouraged me to work with this publisher since he already has contacts, and it would be a lot of work for me to make my own contacts.  It means that I can concentrate my time in other areas of my career.  We have actually already had a nibble on the title track “Storm Queen”.  This particular deal fell through, but it is a start in this process! KatherineMoller-StormQueen-Cover

I am also very delighted with how well sales are going!  I was very nervous about releasing an album that was entirely my own music.  I have always felt like it was good to have at least a couple of pieces that people recognize on each album. However, I feel like sales for this album are going even better than my previous recordings!   It seems like the stories behind the tunes, and the tunes themselves, are connecting quite well with the audience.

This album has been all about me taking risks and trusting other people.  Trusting my producer and arranger with my music, trusting my fellow orchestral musicians to be supportive, trusting my publisher to help place my music, and trusting my audience to give my music a chance to connect with them!  It was terrifying to take all of these risks, but I am really happy that I did.  Sometimes you need to push yourself into terrifying situations in order to grow!  

Thank you for your trust and support through this whole project!

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