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Pushing Through Fear and Procrastination

This has been a very big year!  I released a CD of all original music, arranged parts for Symphony NB to back me up for the launch, played several concerts accompanied by a string quartet, offered a free online training on Facebook and launched my online teaching program three different times.

These were all things that I wanted to accomplish; but that caused me fear and stress. When I experience fear and stress, I start putting things off!  I procrastinate, and I can procrastinate with the best of them!  I am proud of myself for pushing through that fear and actually succeeding all of these accomplishments.

I have had to work at pushing through, facing the fear, and moving forward.  I have often considered backing out and not accomplishing everything that I wanted to.  It is so much easier to not try and to not face the danger of failing.  The status quo is a pretty good place to be!

Each time this year I have been tempted to pull back, I have pushed forward instead.  I have pushed forward even when I am not entirely ready.  Every time I felt myself starting to make excuses about not having enough time or not being ready, I would push forward and do what I could.  Sure I would have liked more time to advertise, or more time to prepare, but sometimes you just have to go ahead with imperfect action.  The need for everything to be perfect can paralyze you.  As I get older I realize that pretty much nothing is ever going to be perfect, we just have to aim for the best we can possibly do!

One of my first ever mentors introduced me to the quote”  “You can’t steer a ship that isn’t moving”.  This is what I have kept in mind all year as I have been tackling many more goals that I would usual try to accomplish!  I am hoping that the amount of success I have had this year will help me to continue pushing forward in the future to accomplish even bigger goals!

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