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Reinstating the beer drawer…

Reinstating the beer drawer...A friend of mine recently asked about the “recipe” for my weight loss. I have changed many things in my life over the last two years! One of my big tricks was reinstating the beer drawer… When I first met my husband, he did not keep produce in the vegetable crisper in the fridge. That was his beer drawer. Since it was divided in two, we had his and hers beer drawers while we were dating.

Once we got married we decided that we should buy produce and actually put it in the vegetable crisper. The bad part was that we would forget that it was there, and we would end up throwing a lot of it out when we remembered to look. Because we hate wasting money and food, we stopped buying fresh produce. It seemed like a good solution!

After I decided that I needed to take control of my health, I realized that I really needed to eat more fresh produce. What was the answer for how to not throw so much away? We reinstated the beer drawer! We never forget beer, so there is no fear of it going bad and now all of my veggies are on the bottom shelf of the fridge in sight. When I open the fridge, one of the first things that I see is fresh produce, so I am far more likely to eat it! One of my friends is not a beer drinker, so she has rearranged her fridge with small jars in the vegetable crisper with the same idea. Keep the produce where you can see it!

This is obviously not the only the thing I have changed over the last few years, but it definitely has helped!

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