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The Nerves Never Go Away Completely

375755_453377614692588_1743096815_nThis past weekend I did some busking at the Kingston Farmers’ Market just outside of Saint John.  I have been busking now for close to 20 years.  I have busked on the streets of Victoria, BC (my first ever busking experience), Galway, Ireland, at a gas station outside of Fredericton, NB,  and at farmers’ markets in Fredericton, NB and in St. Andrews, NB.

I remember the first time that I busked.  I got a license, read all of the rules, and then headed out onto the streets.  I remember walking past various spots that I could busk, and not stopping.  I remember it taking a lot time to work up my nerve to actually set up and start playing!  I remember feeling awkward about salting my own case with money.

Now I have busked many times at markets in Fredericton and St. Andrews.  I am familiar with these spaces and have set up many times, so I now find it easy to set up and get going.

Because of that fact, I was surprised when I felt nervous when I got to the Kingston Farmers’ Market this past weekend.  I got there, walked around, found out where I was going to be playing, and felt like getting back in my car and driving off.  I did not.  I stayed and played as planned!  It was fun, as it always is!

I love how immediate busking is!  I love the direct interaction with the listeners and the fact there is no separation created by being on a stage.  I also love playing for, and interacting with kids!  So much fun!

I am happy that I stayed, and really never considered leaving, but it was interesting having those feelings again like it was the first time I had even gone busking!  In some ways, I guess those nerves never go away completely!

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