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Tips & Tricks: 6 Tips for Going to the Recording Studio

small__215354076This week I am headed to the studio for my 4th recording.  I thought in this blog post that I would share with you have I have learned over time!  Some of these 6 tips were advice that I got before recording my first CD, and some of them are lessons I learned along the way.

1.  Make sure that you know your music really well before heading to the studio.

2.  Decide on your arrangements before you get into the studio.  Studios charge by the hour, so if you take time working things out in the studio, you are paying for that time.

3.  Be prepared to cut music from your final recording.  I now make sure that I prepare more music that I want on the recording as I almost invariably end up cutting some pieces.

4.  Make sure to bring extra strings, or whatever other equipment you may need.

5.  If you are recording a solo album (as I am), use the best back-up musicians that you can afford!

6.  Never say “We can fix that later”.  If something is not the way you want it, record it again.  A good take sounds so much better than something that has been “fixed” later in the mixing.

Please leave a comment if you have any additional suggestions!

photo credit: Dennis AB via photopin cc

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