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Tips &Tricks: My 4 Favourite Pieces of Equipment

USA_TM50_2As I continue playing, my favourite pieces of equipment change, but for right now, here are my four favourites!

  1. Tuner – I not only like a tuner, but one with a tone generating function.  I specifically want to be able to have my tuner play any note that I chose so I can have it play the fundamental note of the key in which I am playing.  This helps me to work on my tuning.
  2. Pencil with eraser– Always a favourite for me, especially when I am practicing challenging music.  I most often use it to write in fingerings or to mark parts that I need to work on more.
  3. Metronome – My students hate it, but I love my metronome!  It is great for helping me to keep a steady beat and learn to play pieces faster!  I have several metronomes!
  4. My iPhone – Yes, you read that correctly.  My iPhone.  I use two functions on it for right now:  the voice memo function and the timer function.

Leave a comment to let me know about your favourite pieces of equipment.

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