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Tips & Tricks: Step-by-Step – Why it is Important to Learn to Fiddle at Your Own Speed

small__3955533735Periodically I come up against the same dilemma: it feels like everyone else in the world is progressing really quickly, in whatever way, and like I am moving very slowly. In the end I always achieve more success when I remember that I need to progress at my own speed. This applies to all aspects of life, including learning the fiddle.

I have noticed that many of my adult students have this same concern. “Am I learning at a normal speed?” This is a question that I often hear from my students. Our concern about “normal” is interesting. I have watched students at fiddle camps get frustrated because other students are learning at a faster speed.

So, what is the problem with comparing yourself with others? Often it can get discouraging. The more time you spend worrying about how well others are doing, the less time you are putting into your own progress. Also, the more frustrated you get, the worse things seem to go. I have experienced this many times! There seems to be a loop of negative feedback where the more you want to progress, the worse you get, the worse you feel, and the more others seem to be getting ahead!

What is the solution to this? Focus on your own progress, compete with yourself, and relax. Traveling at your own speed works out for the best, and you will actually progress faster in the end.

photo credit: Evalia England via photopin cc

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