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What to Buy a Fiddler/Musician for the Holidays

Do you have a fiddler on your Christmas list? Do you wonder what to get them for Christmas? Well, here is a list of some of my favourite items!

Mel Bay’s Fiddling Christmas by Craig Duncan

This book has both some traditional carols that are familiar and then lots of great winter-inspired fiddle tunes.

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A Scottish Christmas for Fiddle by Bonnie Rideout

This book has lots of lovely winter-related fiddle tunes!

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Music stand

This is the music stand that I use when I go out for gigs. It folds up so it is easy to transport, but it also has a nice solid back to it.

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Music stand light

This is great when you need to play and there is not enough light to read the music easily.  

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Practice mute

I have one of these in each of my violin cases. This is great for people who live in apartments or someone who travels.

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Any of these brands of rosin would be good. I have a personal preference for dark rosin, but it really comes down to what each fiddler likes.

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Dominant violin strings

These are my favourite brand of strings that I use on all of my violins. They have a nice even sound and stay in tune really well.

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KUN shoulder rest

This is the type of shoulder rest that I like to use. This brand is a good quality shoulder rest that lasts for years.

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Realist Pickup

After trying a couple of different brands, this is the pickup that I have settled on. This pickup gives me a nice warm sound.

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LR Baggs DI

Using a DI with an amplified violin definitely helps the sound! Here is the one that I am currently using.

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Greensleeves & Puddin’ Pies album and sheet music

This seasonal album includes many of my favourite Christmas/winter-themed fiddle tunes!  Buy it alone or with the sheet music book that includes all the public-domain tunes from the album!  

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The stores that I trust with my shopping are:

The Fiddlershop


If you want a store based in Canada:

The Sound Post

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