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Why I Love Busking

Around the year 2000 my parents were living in Victoria, BC.  I went out to visit them and decided to try my hand at busking. I got my permit, read up on the rules (how long you can stay in one spot, how close you can be to another busker, not blocking the way, etc) and headed out onto the streets.  I remember that it took me a long time to actually set myself up.  I walked past the spot where I was going to set up several times before I got up the courage to set up my case and start playing.  Once I got going, it was easy…  Getting the courage up to set out my case was the hard part!stockvault-violin-ampamp-bow-string116251

Since then I have busked regularly in Fredericton.  I spent years busking at the Boyce Farmers’ Market, and also at a market that the city briefly held in front of city hall.  I enjoyed both of these locations and got to know the regulars in both places.

In 2001-2002 I headed off to Ireland for 6 months.  I also did some busking there in Galway.  I experienced the same thing that I did in Victoria- It was hard to set up, but once I got going, it was a lot of fun!

St. Andrews is another location that I have busked at both on the streets as well as at the Farmers’ Market.  Both were good experiences.

Finally, I did some busking at an Irving Big Stop in Lincoln.  I got permission from the owner and set myself up.  By the time I started busking in these last two locations, I no longer had to psych myself up to set up.

At this point in my life I do not busk much anymore.  Just once or twice a year.

So, why do I do it?  Why do I keep going back?  I love the interaction with people.  I love the fact that there is no barrier between me and the people who are listening.  I love the fact that people stop to talk to me and to tell me their stories.  I also love the fact that kids love to stop by and dance!  The kids are my absolute favourite thing!  I love seeing how they react to music, and I love the fact that they are getting to experience live music in a setting where they don’t have to be quiet and sit still.  I love the fact that they can ask questions, dance, and just express their feelings!

So, if you are at a market, keep an eye open for the buskers.  Stop by and say hi!  It is always fun to see who is around!

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