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Why My Timer is My Best Friend

I use my timer for everything…  I use it to steep my tea, I use it when I am reading, I use it when I am practicing the violin, I use it when I nap…  It really is my constant companion!

So, why do I use my timer so much?  I use it because it allows me to focus more deeply on what I am doing.

When I practice the violin, I will set my timer for a certain amount of time.  Sometimes it is because I am expecting a student, and want to be on time.  Sometimes it is because I am working on a specific skill.  

My time is limited, and I am usually practicing either before or in between students.  That means that when I don’t use my timer, I constantly have my eye on the clock, and my mind is worrying about whether or not I will stop in time.  

When I am working on a technique that I dislike (yes, I still have those) if I am not using a timer, I am constantly wondering if I have tortured myself long enough.

I also use my timer as a bit of a bribe when I am working on technique or even music that I don’t enjoy.  If I tell myself that I only have to work on it for 5 or 10 minutes, I will actually do it instead of putting it off like I want to!

In both of these cases, having a timer set means that I can stop thinking about being on time, or about whether I have worked for long enough.  I can focus deeply on what I am doing and leave everything else to the timer.

As I mentioned at the beginning, I also use my timer in my personal life…  I use it when I read because I love to read and get sucked in.  It is easy for me to lose track of time and not stop for other activities.

Again, like in my practicing, I don’t want to have to have part of my mind thinking about how long I have left.  I don’t want to constantly be checking the clock…  I want to focus on my reading and enjoy myself completely!  

As far as tea goes, I just like to only steep it for a certain amount of time…  It has nothing to do with focus in this case!

So, all in all, using my timer keeps me less distracted and more focused!  Will your timer become your best friend too? 

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